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Vintage Pinball Machines or Antique Pinball Machines can be hard to find. Here you will find pinball games from all of the major manufacturers including Stern, Bally, Gottleib, Williams and Chicago Coin - plus others. New pins are available too!

Even more challenging to find are pinball machine parts, especially when you are restoring a Vintage Pinball Machine. Not all of the parts have been reproduced. What we have here is a great resource for finding those pieces you need to complete your Vintage Pinball Machine. You can browse through the pages listed below, search for a particular part ,or take a look at what is available for specific manufacturers.

There is also a section for manuals, accessories and decorative items. There are posters and prints to adorn the walls of your game room. Neon signs are also available.

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Browse Pinball Machines by Manufacturer:

Alvin G Pinball

A-Maze-Ing Baseball, A.G. Football, A.G. Soccer-Ball, Al's Garage Band Goes on a World Tour, Dinosaur Eggs, Dual-Pool, Mystery Castle, Pistol Poker, Punchy the Clown, Slam N'Jam, U.S.A. Football

Bally Pinball
Aces High, Addams Family, Bally Bingo, Captain Fantastic Pinball, Centaur Pinball, Dolly Parton Pinball, Eight Ball Pinball, Fireball Pinball Machine, Kiss Pinball Machine, Six Million Dollar Man Pinball

Capcom Pinball
Airborne, Big Bang Bar, Breakshot, Flipper Football, Kingpin, Pinball Magic

Chicago Coin Pinball
All American, Baseball, Beam-Lite, Bermuda, Bola-Way, Buckaroo, Catalina, Chico Baseball, Chico Derby, Dixie, Ducky, Fiesta, Fox Hunt, Gold Ball, Hockey, Home Run, Jolly, Lady Robin Hood, Legionnaire, Lucky, Majors, Nippy, O-Boy, Pippin, Play Boy, Polo, Rapid Transit, Rebound, Rola Score, Roxy, Sally, Sea-Isle, Sensation, Shanghai, Show Boat, Skyline, Snappy, Sound Stage, Spellbound, Spinball, Sports, Stampede, Star Attraction, Strat-O-Liner, Super Score, Swing, Thrill, Tit For Tat, Topper, Trinidad, Turf Queen, Venus, Yacht-Club

Data East Pinball
Back to the Future, Guns N Roses, Hook, Jurassic Park, Phantom of the Opera, Robocop, Star Wars, The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard

Game Plan Pinball
Andromeda, Black Velvet, Lady Sharpshooter, Old Coney Island, Pinball Lizard, Police Force, Sharpshooter, Super Nova

Genco Pinball
Advance Roll, Base Hit, Bingo Roll, Monte Carlo, Sky Ride, Subway, Tipo-Top, Total Roll

Gottlieb Pinball
Black Hole Pinball, Haunted House Pinball, Joker Poker Pinball Machine, Royal Flush Pinball, Waterworld Pinball Machine

Sega Pinball
Batman Forever Pinball, South Park Pinball, Star Wars Trilogy Pinball, Starship Troopers Pinball

Stern Pinball
Dracula, Elvis Pinball Machines, Harley Davidson Pinbal Machine, Lord of the Rings Pinball, Monopoly Pinball, Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball Machine, Simpson Pinball Party, Sopranos Pinball, Spiderman Pinball Machines, Terminator Pinball

Williams Pinball
Black Knight Pinball, Cirqus Voltaire, Pinball, Creature From the Black Lagoon Pinball, Cyclone Pinball, Demolition Man Pinball, Doctor Who Pinball, Dracula Pinball, F 14 Tomcat Pinball, Fire Pinball, Firepower Pinball, Fish Tales Pinball Machine, Funhouse Pinball, Getaway Pinball, Gorgar Pinball, Harley Davidson, High Speed Pinball, Judge Dredd Pinball, Medieval Madness Pinball, Monster Bash Pinball, No Fear Pinball, Pinball 2000, Scared Stiff Pinball, Shadow Pinball, Star Wars Episode I Pinball 2000, Tales of the Arabian Nights Pinball, Terminator 2 Pinball, Twilight Zone Pinball, Whirlwind Pinball

When purchasing a used pinball machine make sure to ask many questions before bidding or purchasing the pinball machine. Anyone reputable in Pinball Machine sales should be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and send you more pictures if requested.

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New items are added DAILY!

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